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Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa Eau de Parfum joins the Signorina Fragrance Assortment this Spring with a delightfully sophisticated gourmand that may make for an ideal night fragrance.

The thing about gourmand fragrances is sometimes you’ll come across one that’s tooth achingly sweet. Signorina Misteriosa has that sweetness but it’s a classy, sultry sweetness that’s by no means cheapened by overly sweet or overly fruity notes.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa comes housed in a black lacquer sq. bottle with gold accents and just a little bow that runs the size of the top. It’s slick, chic black packaging matches the gorgeous juice inside.

Signorina Misteriosa does have a base of patchouli which to me can sometimes be overpowering however this fragrance makes use of the darkness of that note in a really sensual approach, intertwining it with sweetness giving it a heat, sultry be aware.

On the pores and skin wet, Signorina Misteriosa has an initial syrupy sweetness from blackberries. It jogs my memory of pouring the filling into a pie dish. No crust, no baked goods here simply warm, off the stove, sugary jammy blackberries. It morphs rapidly as it sets and you’ll get a little bit play of tuberose with a clean, mushy neroli be aware. Within an hour the fragrance turns into one thing extremely lovely. It sets to a very high quality, delicious, costly dessert. The patchouli notice becomes more distinguished at this level and plays oh so nicely with the blackberry and vanilla mousse word. It’s syrupy, sugary, with a contrasting darkness that offers it a mysterious, refined edge.

I feel sophisticated gourmands like this may be taken too seriously at times and they become too dark and virtually unwearable for me notably due the an overuse of patchouli. With Signorina Misteriosa, you by no means feel overwhelmed or revolted by the patchouli. Patchouli here is merely a warming accent that brings depth to the fragrance but not one which invades or dominates.

This tasks effectively with three spritzes on my neck and two each on my wrists. It has a brilliant linger for several hours and a nice throw.

Ferragamo Patent Vara Wedges Pump RedIf you like candy yet refined gourmands, Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa is a the proper choose for you. This is a fragrance that’s perfect for evenings out.

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