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There is just something about fantastic Italian perfumes that has my curiosity from the beginning. Salvatore Ferragamo is just a kind of luxurious designers I wished to learn more about. Once i first got here across Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme, I couldn’t assist but be attracted by the daring purple Salvatore Ferragamo signed throughout the entrance of the cream-colored field.
To me, the coloring brings to thoughts a confident woman who can carry off this basic fragrance. The tall, elegantly twisted glass bottle lends to the texture of assertiveness and confidence.

This perfume is perfectly suited to a lady who can command consideration of those she’s with and really feel comfortable as soon as she receives it.

Introduced in 1998, Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme is a fragrance that’s greatest suited to the mature girl. It is a fancy fragrance with floral, fruity and grassy notes with a touch of spice. The floral notes are undoubtedly understated and at first scent, I would not have categorised this as a floral fragrance at all. For me, essentially the most noticeable notes are citrus with a contact of spice. The scent brings to thoughts citrus, bergamot, a touch of star anise and a hint of floral from the peony notes.

I like the understated floral notes of this perfume, but I believe that the spice notes definitely overwhelm them a bit. This is not as feminine a perfume as I’d prefer it to be. The floral notes would need to be only a bit stronger to essentially carry off a true girly really feel.

It wears well for about 4 hours before it needs to be reapplied once more. This makes it the perfect perfume to wear within the evening. Simply do not expect to leave the scent of Pour Femme in your wake because the sillage is quite weak on this perfume.

Ferragamo Vara Pump in Red Wine

All in all, Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme makes an exquisite scent for a special night out. It’s mature, mysterious and positively sexy. It is the perfect praise for a girl with the boldness to carry it off. You might want to carry along a bottle in your handbag for reapplication during the evening.

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