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It’s the Power, Dummy!

It is the energy generated by human beings, and not one thing present in the ground, the air, the solar or a reactor, that makes the difference between success and failure in most endeavors. Being president of the United States included.

Ferragamo Flats Varina BlackNo matter which candidate will get elected in November, more drilling is going to happen off American coastlines. ANWR will get drilled over the protests of ecologists and the porcupine caribou. Shale oil will get produced in Canada through agreements with Canada’s western provinces that which were in place for 2 decades. It is all inevitable. The wheels are already shifting. No human being or government can stand in the way in which of all the Peterbuilts and Tatas supplying all the Wal-Marts of the world with low cost petroleum-based products and the people shopping for them. And woe be to any candidate who stands on the tracks of that prepare.

For positive the candidates will punt, pass and kick the topic of oil. It’s all part of the game. We count on it. But the fact is that either candidate, if elected, could have about as much impact on oil costs as an Arizona Cardinal or a Chicago Bear does on the form of the soccer ferragamo slip on shoes with canvas used to play the game. Not much and solely quickly.

What’s going to matter to the next administration, and will matter to voters, is the human energy each candidate can carry to the creation of an efficient vitality policy.

Whoever gets elected should deal with the truth that the U.S. cannot continue to devour 20% of the world’s oil in an increasingly demanding world economy any more than Bostonians could keep burning whale blubber in the 1890s. It does not matter how much drilling we do. There is a restricted provide of oil similar to there was a restricted inhabitants of whales. Learning to reside with a smaller share of a diminishing oil provide goes to be a truth of life and politics. And for these of us not in the oil enterprise, there’s going to be some damage concerned. Sorry. True. No blubbering.

Shifting the U.S. toward alternatives to oil with out catastrophic economic and societal disruption in the subsequent ten years will take a stage of collaboration between government and business that is unprecedented in our history except perhaps for World Wars. This effort will make splitting the atom and putting a man on the moon appear like highschool science initiatives. The amount of human energy delivered to bear on the problem must be large, focused, fearless and extremely clever.

Solely considered one of the two candidates can generate the type of centered and dedicated human power it will take to unravel the problem. This distinction in their energies is one of the best methods to clarify to dummies the difference between the 2.

One of the candidates generates the kind of vitality you expertise within the grill at a rustic club or the boardroom of a big company. It is insiders exchanging whispers. It is all hushed and suspicious and “Who are you with ” It’s Ferragamo loafers and martinis up.

The opposite candidate generates the form of vitality you experience at a gospel revival or begin-up firm formed by you and your folks. It’s all music and beach balls. It’s rowdy and comfortable and “How are you, my brother “. It is flip-flops and flasks of Jack.

One candidate generates the form of power you see in morticians. It has a calming impact on the aggrieved. The other candidate generates the form of energy you see in rockstars. It has people howling in the streets after the performance.

One candidate generates the sort of vitality your momma has when she cooks for the household at Thanksgiving. There may be rather a lot going on. The opposite generates the type of energy your uncle has after he’s eaten that turkey dinner. He wants a nap.

One is the kind of obnoxious vitality that tells folks what to do, usually for no different reason than to point out that it might probably. The other is the type of infectious vitality that does what needs to be achieved without being instructed to do it.

One sort of vitality can only construct momentum by drafting off the vitality of others, together with his opponent’s and various celebrities. The other kind of energy is a power unto itself, it generates its own celeb. Others draft off it.

One energy expends itself on preserving what is, as a result of things are good and it needs them to remain that means. The other vitality expends itself on creating what will be, as a result of regardless of how good (or bad) things are, they’ll all the time get higher.

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