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Which Perfume Should I Take To A visit To Europe

Which perfume should I take to a ferragamo belt size 90 visit to Europe
So, I am planing to go to Europe in summer season. Just for 2 weeks.

And that i needed to know which perfume you think I should take to this journey.
Ferragamo Ankle-Strap Sequins Vara Sandal BlueThe options are:

Lola – Marc Jacobs
Incanto Bliss – Salvatore Ferragamo

Rock Princess – Vera wang
Princess – Vera Wang

I appretiate your answers! Thank you
Different perfumes that aren’t my favorites:

Music – Harajuku Lovers
Forbidden Fruit – Desperate Housewifes

Jadore – Dior|||princess by vera wang! omg i love that perfume! it’s so candy yet sexy at the same time. đŸ™‚ you will simply feel like a european godess wwearing it ahahaha|||Princess is certainly one of my favorites, but when i journey, I refuse to take costly perfume. It’s too easy to have stolen. Take a small bottle of vanilla as an alternative. It is low-cost and nobody will steal it. Furthermore, it’s extremely attractive to men (don’t put it where they’ll lick it, though, as a result of it tastes nasty).|||I wouldn’t take any. I would purchase a lot of exciting European perfumes that aren’t available in the US.

In addition to, any perfume lover is aware of one solely perfume is not appropriate for every season of the 12 months or for every occasion. Sticking to at least one is rarely a good suggestion.|||Something American, like Charlie or something from Walgreen’s. Show them that Americans stink too.|||assuming you are going for pleasure and never for work or college… Lola, Jadore, or Princess…. All delicate however delicious.

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